June 21, 2011

Negative Light Being Shined on Religion

By Francis Nye

I was scanning the local paper and I happened upon an article, Suspect in Sect Deaths Pleads Guilty to One Charge.   This was a very short three paragraph article about a church leader's daughter who managed to elude law enforcement for 20 years until she was finally caught. She had murdered an eight-year-old little girl and three other members of the church's congregation for leaving their faith. She initially faced murder and other charges but now only faces five years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to obstruct religious beliefs.

Now some of my detractors have come forward since I have started this blog and have accused me of only pointing out the bad in religion. That for the most part religious people are good people. That somehow my blog shines an unfavorable light upon religion for the most part. First of all I want to make one thing clear. My intention is not to persecute the individual. My intent is to demonstrate how these organizations have lost control of their message. 

Religion for a very long time has gotten a free pass in this country. The most zealous and fervent followers have committed unimaginable crimes all in the name of religion. It's not like I find one article every six months that points out some sort of heinous act that has been committed in the name of religion. Like the article above about the woman who killed an eight-year-old little girl I find these types of articles each and every week on a regular basis. Some weeks it is really hard for me to decide what to write about because there is such a plethora of articles to choose from. I wish these things only happen every once in a blue moon. Because if they did this blog wouldn't exist and there would be less hate in the world.

However what I find really appalling and surprising is how my detractors can be part of an organization whose most committed and best members commit these types of crimes on a regular basis. Then turn around and say well that is an isolated case.  Like that makes it okay. For the record I do understand that most of you are not like that. But with that being said can you step back for a moment and see how your faith has harmed so many people and cause so much social upheaval?

Can you imagine any other organization, let's say for example the Lions Club or the Masons having members killing and raping children, or treating women as second-class citizens on a regular basis, or oppressing homosexuals?  Would you knowingly want to be associated with those types of people? Do you think that these organizations would be good role models for your children? Would you once or twice a week attend their meetings? Give them money on a regular basis? I know I wouldn't. And neither would any rational thinking person. So why is it that my detractors associate themselves with all these crazy religions? 

I think people are starting to wise up. According to a Pew Report people attending religious services is on the decline. I know myself and other are really just feed up with all the cruelty and bigotry in this world that is done in the name of religion. Its articles like the one I mentioned above about the daughter of the minister that are really turning people off to religion. So the next time you want to say, those people and not me remember this; you are part of those people. They represent you. Every time they kill someone, molest a child, or treat someone as if they are a lesser being they are doing that in your name. You are in some small part responsible for their actions. You support them every time you give them money and your time. Think about this, people like Hitler and Stalin would not have been able to do the things they did without the support of the common person like you. It is the same with religion. People would not be able to hurt other people in the name of your faith if it wasn't for you supporting their actions either directly or indirectly. If you don't like that so many are committing such acts in the name of your faith then do something about it. Stop the hate!

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