May 5, 2011

400th Anniversary of the King James Bible

This month marks the 400th anniversary of the translation of the Bible commissioned by King James of England. The King James Version, as it has been called, may be the best known English translation, but it wasn't the first one. About a hundred years earlier, in 1525, William Tyndale undertook an English translation (from which most of the KJV is derived), and ultimately paid for it by getting burnt at the stake (his interpretation of the book was at odds with the King's). Mixing of state and religion never did any good. See the Francis Nye post from January 18, 2011, Gov. Chafee Understands the Danger of Mixing Government and Religion on this very subject)

If there's a god, I don't think he would care what book or which version (or any book) you read, or what name you addressed him/her/it with, or how many times in a day you bowed, or what direction you faced, or how many rituals you observed, or which animal was clean and which wasn't, or what day of the week you did what, or how many people you "saved".

Any entity worthy of being called a god would be above it all and would probably care more about how kind you were to others, and whether you left the world just a little bit better.


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