May 24, 2011

2011 Rapture Scam

By Francis Nye

Some ask me are you ever afraid of running out of material for your blog or how do you come up with a post every single week?  My answer;  There is always someone, somewhere on this little blue ball we call home that will do something or say something so stupid or outrages in the name of religion that I have a hard time choosing what to write about.  Just the Christians alone are so damn entertaining.  The Cult of Christ never ceases to amaze or delight.  This week all the talk was on Harold Camping and his rapture scam.

Really -was any sane or rational person for even one moment worried that the end of the world was going to happen last weekend?  Yet so many people who otherwise live normal lives flock to this man, Harold Camping.  People are so damn gullible it is frightening.  Many of his followers gave up their jobs and spent their life savings and now they are left with nothing. 

This manic or gifted man, I am still undecided, advertised on billboards and ran other ad campaigns in an effort to convince everyone that the world was coming to an end.  The reason I say he may be brilliant is that according to his IRS tax filings he made tens of millions of dollars with his message of doom.  That’s right; I used the “M” word, millions.  People were giving to his ministry by the truck loads in order to fill the hole in their souls.  People turn to religion when their lives have hit a low point and this man and others like him know just what to say and do to get people to believe such utter nonsense.

Now that the end time has come and gone and they are still here do you think he will be giving refunds?   When will people learn you can’t buy your happiness through religion?  That these cult of personalities that are out their selling the so-called message of Jesus are nothing more than frauds and charlatans.  When will America realize that your problems won’t go away sometimes no matter how much money you throw at it?  There is no quick fix or supernatural way to solve your problems.  Sometimes you just need to learn to deal with it.  People need to start telling these Jesus freaks that enough is enough.  Stop feeding the beast of religion.  Its appetite will never be satiated. Ω TRT

May 21, 2011 Is Judgment Day; Family Radio's Harold Camping Prepares for Biblical Rapture

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