March 15, 2011

No Common Gound

New York before the religious attack on the
World Trade Center

D’Souza, a former policy analyst for President Ronald Reagan and current president of The King’s College, argued the world is a better place because of Christianity. Barker, a former pastor who is now the co-president of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, countered that all religions are untrue, divisive, morally compromising, irrelevant and unnecessary. admitted there is no way to know for certain if God exists. The other admitted there is no way to know for certain if God does not exist.
Aside from those points, there wasn’t much common ground between the two authors during their debate entitled, “Is Religion the Problem?” The near-capacity audience of about 800 at the University of California San Diego seemed just as equally divided Monday during the 100-minute event.
D’Souza began the pair’s sixth debate in six states by telling the audience that compassion, individual dignity, opposition to slavery and science all were a result of Christianity. D’Souza focused his entire argument on Christianity, choosing to rarely mention other religions.  Odd don’t you think for someone defending all religions?
Barker began his opening argument by saying religion is not the biggest problem in the world. However, he said it is the broadest. Barker added that the most successful countries on Earth by every measure are the least religious, and the least successful countries are the most religious.
He later said that the Enlightenment, science and liberty were responsible for human progress, not religion.
“Religion clouds moral judgment,” Barker said. “Religion makes it more difficult to have moral judgment.”
D’Souza argued religion has brought happiness and consolation to millions of people and delivers practical benefits, while atheism only offers despair.
I have to disagree with D’Souza.  Religion is not a positive force in the world.  Religion is quite the opposite.  Religion is a source of all evil in this world.  It is the largest foundation of death, destruction, and oppression in all of history.  One only needs to look to back to a time not so long ago when soldiers took up arms in the Crusades to see the pain and death it inflicted, to a time when you were imprisoned or killed for trying to advance science.
Even today there are places in the world where women do not have any say in the course of their lives.  They have to cover their entire bodies from head to toe to hide their individuality.  Young girls have genitals mutilated by broken pieces of glass all in the name of religion.  In this very country today’s gay community lives in constant fear of reprisals because of their life style.  They are under constant attack regarding their freedoms to marry, have children, and to enjoy even the most basic rights afforded people in a civilized society.  In all these cases it is not the atheists they fear but the religious zealots.  Also, let us not forget the recent sexual abuse of minors and cover up of this horrific crime by one of the largest religious organizations in the world, namely the Catholics.  Then there is the consent non-stop fleecing of the members of religion by their trusted leadership. 
The list of oppression and crimes against humanity from religion looms over us like a sledge hammer.  This hammer has beat mankind’s tortured existence since the inception of religion and it continues into today’s so called period of enlightenment.  Mankind has butchered one another in the name of his gods for countless centuries with no end in sight.  It amazes me how someone can defend religion when in one fell swoop religion was responsible for the deaths of over 3000 people in the World Trade Center attack of September 11.  This fact alone is enough to sourer my palette regarding religion.  Even as I write this there are camps that are training individuals to attack innocent people with weapons and tactics designed to cause greatest amount of pain, suffering, and death all in the name of some religion.  But still people follow religion blindly like swine being lead to slaughter.
If this isn’t bad enough people willing expose their children to such nonsense as creationism, young earth theory, and other outrageous claims that fly in the face of proven and tested scientific fact.  They ask people to set aside their common sense and check their brains at the door when they enter their houses of worship.  All this designed to brainwash the next generation into the foolishness of perpetuating religion and it never ending hunger for pain and oppression.  Religion is the devour of mankind’s intellect and morality.  It voraciously eats away at mankind’s forward progress toward true enlightenment.
In my opinion religion is riddled with contradictions and is morally and ethically bankrupt.  That when weighed on the balance of good and evil it has long since tipped to the side of wickedness.   This cannot truly be what God intended for us.  When it comes to religion it is man that is doing all the talking and not God. Ω
What are your thoughts on this situation?  Please let me know below in the comment section.

Bill Maher be more Cynical on Religion

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