February 8, 2011

The Hidden Gay Bigotry of Chick-fil-A: Religious Intolerance

A Chick-fil-A parity on a popular corporate image
By Francis Nye and Lilly Winters

The Southern fast food chain, Chick-fil-A has caused uproar with its support of anti-gay groups like Focus on the Family. People are boycotting and circulating petitions nationwide.

A controversy began with revelations that a Chick-fil-A franchise planned to donate food to a pro-marriage event hosted by the anti-gay Pennsylvania Family Institute. Chick-fil-A has a long history of intolerance toward non-Christian, non-straight people.

In a Times article I read:

“The company's Christian culture and its strict hiring practices, which require potential operators to discuss their marital status and civic and church involvement, have attracted controversy before, including a 2002 lawsuit brought by a Muslim restaurant owner in Houston who said he was fired because he did not pray to Jesus with other employees at a training session. The suit was settled.

The sandwiches that will feed people who attend a February seminar, called "The Art of Marriage: Getting to the Heart of God's Design," in Harrisburg, Pa., are but a tiny donation. Over the years, the company's operators, its WinShape Foundation and the Cathy family have given millions of dollars to a variety of causes and programs, including scholarships that require a pledge to follow Christian values, a string of Christian-based foster homes and groups working to defeat same-sex marriage initiatives.”

Many are threatening a boycott, including me.  This is just too much.  I personally can’t support an establishment with such a bigoted attitude.

Some of today’s Christians need to ask themselves why they are treating homosexuality as a greater sin than any other.  Why so much hostility and hatred toward this one group of supposed sinners.   It seems to me that more effort and public awareness by the Christian community is being put into the ostracizing of gays than of any other.  Is one sin greater than another in the eyes of God?  I didn’t think so.  I thought any sin would separate one from God.

The fact of the matter is that today’s Christians have been manipulated by our political leaders in Washington and elsewhere in the country.  They know that they can use religion and the issue of homosexuality to garner votes in elections.  It is a sick trick to play on people’s fear.  The Christian community should be insulted that politicians are using them as pawns to further their agenda.  This is the typical hate speech that has permeated today’s political and Christian arenas.  Why do we allow candidates for public office to create such divisiveness in our country?  Why do we allow them to pit us against each other to satiate their appetite for power and greed? 
We have lost our ability to solve difficult and critical problems because of this.  Instead of spending valuable time on the very real problems our country faces today politicians are creating issues of morality.  Do we not have enough real problems?  What about our budget deficient. Middle Easter problems, border issues, ect.   Maybe it’s that our politicians do not want to do any real work. But these are all topics for another post.  The point is the persecutions of the gay community in this county undeserving and un-American.  They too are entitled life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness no matter what our personal views of them are.

Christians, as do most religions, believe we all must stand before God in the end.  Let him judge our actions.  We should focus our energies on love and compassion for one another instead of new ways to persecute our brothers and sisters.  Matthew 7:1 should be the message; “Do not judge, or you too will be judged”.  At the least you would think they could follow their own biblical teachings.  It would be nice to see today’s religions use their power for good instead of for hate. If you ask me their attitude is not very Christ like. What are your views on this situation? 

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