November 24, 2010

Man Claims Discrimination: Sunday Day of Rest

By Francis Nye

An Ohio man filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday, November 22, 2010 against Home Depot, claiming the company discriminated against him because his religious beliefs don't allow him to work on Sundays.

Lawrence Lewis of Steubenville states that his employer failed to place him in a full-time position after his job as receiving associate was eliminated, according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh.

Lewis informed his superiors that due to his Roman Catholic beliefs, he believes that working on Sunday is a sin. When he applied for another full-time position, he was not hired because he was unavailable for Sunday work, according to the lawsuit.

This stems from Mr. Lewis’ belief that Sunday is the Sabbath. However Sunday is not the Sabbath. Some even believe that the Sabbath is Saturday. Again, not true.

If you follow the word of God as given to Moses then you cannot just pick any day of the week and call it the Sabbath. The notion that God allows you to pick the seventh day has even been taught by Catholics but this is in violation of God’s word.

The command as given by Moses in the name of God to the Jews was that the Sabbath should be kept holy. The word Sabbath means rest and not Saturday as I have heard. The law includes two elements; one essential, that one day in seven should be dedicated to God; the other ceremonial, that the particular day should be chosen. God selected Saturday so therefore that is the day of rest.

Gen 2:3 “And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.”

Saturday is the 7th day of the week. So again it was God that pick that day and no man can change that.

One cannot just say Sunday is more convenient for me, or perhaps Monday, etc., so that will be my day of Sabbath rest to the Lord. I will keep every seventh day holy, but that day will be a day of my choosing.
The problem with the choosing-one-day-in-seven theory is that it has no foundation in scripture. As we noted above with the 40 years in the wilderness, God clearly designated a specific day as His Sabbath. Israel was never given a choice in what day they wanted to keep holy as the Sabbath day. The entire community was to keep God's designated day in unison as a memorial to creation week. No one had the prerogative or authority to decide to start keeping some other day as their Sabbath.

So what rationale exists for worshipping on Sunday, the first day of the week, instead of Saturday, the biblical seventh day?

It is the day of Christ's resurrection and Christians have transferred the solemnity of Sabbath to Sunday to honor that event.

That sounds terrific, but where exactly does the Bible authorize that change? You see, I really do adhere to the Protestant claim of "the Bible and the Bible only" as the authoritative Word of God on the matter. The Sabbath was made by God as a memorial to the creation, and that event was not overshadowed by or done away with by either the crucifixion or the resurrection.

So if Mr. Lewis was to say he cannot work on Saturday I can understand that. However, if Mr. Lewis knew at the time he submitted his application to Home Depot that there was a possibility that he would have to work on Sunday then maybe he should have applied somewhere else.

I think it is despicable when people use their faith to otherwise circumvent their responsibilities. This hurts everyone involved.

Video: Is the Sabbath Saturday or Sunday

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